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“Love At First Fit”

"You are geniuses of shoe design. Your shoes have changed my life. For years I searched for shoes that would fit my wide toe area and narrow heel. As soon as I tried on Orthofeet it was love at first fit. At age 60 plus I can out-walk everyone I know, even those a third my age." 

-Vivian Imperiale


 “It Doesn't Get Any Better!”

“…Our patients are completely satisfied with the excellent choices that Orthofeet presents. Returns are almost zero, and we constantly have family and friends of patients coming in to buy the shoes for themselves. High quality, good looks, great comfort, low prices, and excellent customer service. It doesn't get any better!"

-Animesh Bhatia, DPM.


"The Best Shoes I Have Ever Worn!”

 “In last few years I have tried a few footwear companies, but Orthofeet is my company of Choice. The shoes look great and fit the best. The Tie-Less shoes enable patients that have difficulties tying laces to finally wear Tie shoes. What’s more - they are less expensive than the other shoes that I bought before. My patients love the shoes, an even I like to wear them too - they are the best shoes I have ever worn!” 

-K. Lee, DPM


“Superior Products, Which Our Patients Love …“

"We have been dispensing diabetic shoes for the last seven years using different vendors, but now we use only Orthofeet. In addition to its superior products, which our patients love, Orthofeet is offering us great customer service. Thanks, and keep up the good work!" 

-V. Pavuluri, D.P.M.


“I love Orthofeet”

"Orthofeet is my company of choice for diabetic shoes and inserts - their products are great and at the same time inexpensive. The company is very reliable, and their customer service is excellent. I would recommend them to all my colleagues." 

-Henry Tseng, DPM


“Very Impressed With their fast and courteous service”

“I have been using Orthofeet for the last 3 years, and I am very impressed with their fast and courteous service. My patients have been very pleased with their product line and love the new collection. I have also found Orthofeet’s shoe display very important for correct sizing, and I have had only very few returns because of incorrect sizing.” 

-Nancy Lee, DPM


“There Is No Other Diabetic Shoe That Can Match the Quality of Orthofeet”

"The Orthofeet diabetic shoe and insole program has been an invaluable addition to our practice.  Our patients love the quality and selection of shoes…Your customer service is superb and your company is a pleasure to deal with. There is no other diabetic shoe that I would recommend to my patients that can match the quality of Orthofeet. Orthofeet has been wonderful for our patients and our practice!" 

-Shelley Bruton, DPM


"A Lot of Options for Patients With Difficulty Tying"

"Orthofeet shoes have been a reliable and consistent part of our diabetic shoe program for over 5 years. As our diabetic shoe program has grown, so has the variety and quality of the Orthofeet brand shoes. Our older patients like the dress style shoes and our more active patients like the new mesh athletic style shoes. I have always preferred the Lycra Velcro Orthofeet shoe for my patients with AFO's and the variety of different closures offered provides me a lot of options for patients with difficulty tying. Overall, I plan on continuing to use Orthofeet shoe for my diabetic patients for a long time to come."

-Jonathan Moore DPM, MS


“I would highly recommend Orthofeet to any colleague…“

"I have been using Orthofeet diabetic footwear for the last several years, and I am very pleased with their products and service. I have found that the various styles with the soft Napa leather and the stretchable uppers along with the soft fabric lining are well fitted for the diabetic foot. Additionally, the shoes are light weight, and provide adequate space for custom orthotics as well as AFO devices. I would highly recommend Orthofeet to any colleague in need of great diabetic shoes!"

-Christine Stern, DPM, DABPS


“Quick Turn Around Time and Excellent Service”

"Orthofeet has become our company of choice for diabetic footwear. Their shoes fit very well, look great, and our patients just love them. Our staff likes the quick turn around time and the excellent service that the company offers. We would highly recommend Orthofeet to all our colleagues!"   

-Jason Weber, DPM, Michael Michetti, DPM, and Brent Tabor, DPM


“Quality Shoes And Great Service”

“Finally, a shoe company with quality shoes and great service.  Orthofeet provides a large selection of shoes with superior diabetic inserts. Also, very quick delivery and great pricing. Most important: Patients are very happy with the level of comfort.”

-Stuart Kitton, DPM


“The Most Popular Brand…”

“I have been dispensing Orthofeet shoes, as part of my diabetic shoe program, for a number of years.  By far, they are the most popular brand of shoe.  My patients enjoy the numerous styles, and the good looks of these shoes.  I like the selection, easy fitting, and affordability. Dispensing Orthofeet shoes has been a very positive experience in my office. 

-Lewis Klotzman, D.P.M.